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We consider the feeling of the ultimate recipient when creating. 

Company philosophy

Leveraging the unique properties and benefits of Advanced Composite Materials (ACM), carbon materials, and natural fibers, Tras plays a role in numerous sectors, including transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing. Our contribution to society goes beyond delivering high-quality products; we are actively committed to "solving complex challenges" alongside our business partners. This collaborative, forward-thinking approach ensures that we are continually advancing towards mutual success and societal betterment.

Tras Rei Carbon Composite Design Object and Chair designed by Keita Shimizu. Photo by Takumi Ota.
Tras Rei Carbon Composite Design Object and Chair designed by Keita Shimizu. Photo by Takumi Ota.


Tras Declaration

At Tras, we harness our comprehensive design and manufacturing capabilities to create molds (including board and resin molds) that perfectly suit various product shapes and requirements. We excel in accurately calculating strength, reproducing complex shapes, and utilizing our uniquely designed autoclaves to produce a diverse range of carbon products that fully embody our 'power of design'.

Our commitment to excellence is expressed through the "Tras Declaration", a promise that guides every aspect of our manufacturing:

  • We empathize with the end-users, crafting our products with their needs and experiences in mind.

  • We uphold the integrity of our deadlines, ensuring reliable, timely deliveries.

  • We respect the fundamentals of manufacturing while boldly embracing innovative methods and solutions.

  • We continuously seek improvement, striving to create superior products with each iteration.

  • Through the quality of our products, we contribute to our customers' profitability and success.

  • We maintain a playful spirit in our pursuit of new manufacturing themes, constantly exploring new ideas and concepts.

At Tras, we create more than just products - we engineer solutions for tomorrow.


Tras contribution
towards a decarbonized society

Advanced composite materials, specifically carbon, are renowned for their lightweight and high-strength properties. They display exceptional fatigue properties in various environments and are highly resistant to degradation. At Tras, we recognize the potential of these materials that extends beyond traditional applications in the automotive industry. We are dedicated to reimagining the possibilities, developing innovative products that defy industry norms and conventional expectations. Our mission is to continually rise to the challenge of crafting a novel future.


Since 2020, Tras has been pioneering the use of a new class of advanced composite materials known as "natural fibers" in our product development. Natural fiber products can reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 85% compared to conventional carbon products, making them an essential solution for our collective strive towards a decarbonized society. At Tras, we firmly believe in their practical application as a significant stride in environmental sustainability.

Tras Autoclaves Production Genba

Charasteristics of Carbon Fiber

At Tras, how do we create our carbon products?

Our process for manufacturing ACM carbon products begins with crafting CAD data for the prepreg paper pattern, tailored to match the final product's design. This pattern is then precisely cut using a dedicated plotter.

Molds are crucial in our manufacturing process. Depending on the application, we create specific molds such as metal molds, chemical molds, and prepreg female molds. On these molds, we then carefully laminate the prepreg.

The laminated mold is then wrapped in a nylon backing film and sealed to achieve an authentic negative pressure environment. This assembly is placed in an autoclave, where it is simultaneously pressurized and heated. Throughout this process, a vacuum pump is used to evacuate any air from the backing film.

This pressurization ensures minimal and uniformly distributed residual porosity, leading to a high-quality, reliable carbon product that reflects the superior standards Tras is known for.

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We take pride in our products and always strive to improve. Reach out to join us.

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