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Composite Specialist

We consider the feeling of the ultimate recipient when creating. 

Company philosophy

Company Philosophy

Tras contributes to society through various fields such as vehicles, medical care, and manufacturing by taking advantage of the special characteristics and usefulness of advanced composite materials (ACM), carbon materials, and natural fibers. Tras actively engages in "problem-solving work" and is always moving forward to succeed together with our business partners. Our company name, Tras, is derived from the truss structure, in which the joint points of the members are pinned together to form a set of triangles. We believe that this is exactly what we are aiming for with our company name, "Connecting the dots with the lines". As a company that uses carbon fiber and other materials to build structures, we have chosen a name that is easy to remember by associating it with the truss structure used in the construction of the space station. Our logo is not "TRUSS," which stands for truss structure, but "TRAS," which was taken from the name of the company at the time of its founding.

有限会社トラス|コンセプトチェア rai
Tras Ltd.|Masanao Nitta

Tras Declaration


Tras is capable of designing and manufacturing molds (molds, board molds, resin molds) suitable for various shapes and products, calculating strength accurately, reproducing difficult shapes and using autoclaves of our own design to manufacture various carbon products that make the most of our "design power". Tras is committed to the following through our manufacturing. The Tras Declaration.

  • We manufacture our products with the feeling of the recipient of the product in mind.

  • We keep our promise to deliver on time.

  • We challenge new methods while respecting the basics of manufacturing.

  • We always find areas for improvement and create better products.

  • We contribute to our customers' profit through good products.

  • We will engage in manufacturing on new themes without forgetting our playful spirit.

Company history

Company history

January 1985

FRP manufacturing business privately founded in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

April 1988

Moved to carbon composite production

1988    December

Production of CFRP parts for world sports prototype cars

June 1990

Established Tras Ltd. with a capital of 3 million yen

June 1993

Manufacture of parts for motorcycle world championships

April 1994

Developed ski rescue sled with CFRP (trade name “Carbon Akiya”)

September 1997

slap skate sole making

October 1997

Delivered "Carbon Akiya" to Nagano Olympic slopes

August 2002

"Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race" BMW R1100S exterior design production Continued participation until 2005

October 2004

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology mobility robot PMP2 housing design cooperation production

November 2005

Participated in the 9th SAMPE Advanced Materials Technology International Conference Exhibition

March 2006

Opened Mishima Technical Center (Moved main business)

July 2006

"Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race" [Tras & PIAA Class Winner] BMW K1200R Vehicle Design and Production

June 2007

Capital increased to 12 million yen

November 2007

Participated in the 10th Sampe Advanced Materials Technology International Conference Exhibition

June 2008

Opened Tras Division Europe in Zurich, Switzerland (closed in 2013)

July 2008

Approval of management innovation plan "Manufacturing and processing of carbon products applying traditional craft techniques"

August 2008

11th Motegi 7 Hours Endurance Road Race [Tras & PIAA Overall Winner] BMW HP2 SPORT exterior production

March 2009

Suzuki MotoGP Official Team Partner contract

October 2009

TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK [100% Professional Exhibition] Exhibition of rei with designer Keita Shimizu

November 2009

Carbon furniture rei decorates the cover of "Nikkei Design November 2009"

July 2010

"Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race" BMW S1000RR 18th overall

July 2011

"Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race" Team Tras 15th overall continued participation until 2017

April 2012

Tras Prius -150kg lighter wins the Eco Car Cup

June 2013

Toyota Motorsport GmbH, LEXUS IS F CCS-R team partner agreement

July 2013

Adopted subsidies for manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses for trial development, etc. [Shizuoka Prefecture 22210940]

June 2015

Numazu head office carbon meeting lounge La Fabbrica opened

July 2017

Management innovation plan approved "Development and sales of technology to produce multiple products in one cycle of autoclave molding of composite materials"

May 2018

Carbon bag cauri adopted for Lexus “F 10th Anniversary” Japan limited vehicle

July 2018

"Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race" BMW Financial Services 135 15th Overall (World Ranking 38th)

August 2018

2018 Shizuoka Prefecture CNF Utilization Prototype Development Project Subsidy Adopted "Development of CNF / carbon fiber hybrid resin material"

December 2018

Joint research agreement with Kanazawa Institute of Technology Innovative Composite Materials Research and Development Center for cellulose nanofibers

July 2019

Announced "Performance evaluation of CFRP products with CNF added" at the 1st CNF Technology Lecture

June 2020

Opened Natural Material Composite Division

November 2021

Public Interest Incorporated Association Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Motor Sports Section Committee Provided Environmental Technology Topic "Natural Fiber Composite Molding"

Carbon Composite Counter Table Dining

​ Company Profile

Company history

Trade name

Tras Ltd.


June 11, 1990


Masanao Nitta, Representative Director


12 million yen

Main office

74-4 Shige, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Mishima Technical Center

107-1 Matsumoto, Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Main financial institution

Numazu Shinkin Bank Shimizu Bank

Factory site

About 1750m2 / About 530 tsubo

Factory area

Total floor area approx. 1280m2 / approx. 387 tsubo


Steel structure, 1-story building (some mezzanine floors) Steel-frame structure, 2-story building

Business area

  • Business consignment contract from each manufacturer using carbon fibers and natural fibers

  • Manufacturing and sale of own products

  • Natural material composite molding business consignment contract

  • Contract development and trial production for automobile manufacturers

  • Prototype work contract for industrial robots

  • Research and development related to building materials by multi-layer molding method

  • Material production for strength test

  • Development, manufacturing and sales of own products

Main client

Suzuki Motor Corporation
Toyota Customizing & Development Co., Ltd.
Toyotsu Automotive Creation Corporation


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