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カーボン製 コンセプトチェア  rei


Concept chair REI by designer Keita Shimizu

Design concept

Design Concept

“I wanted to create a shape that brings out the beauty of carbon, regardless of function or performance. You can sit there and be someone special, or put it in front of the big window and admire it in the moonlight. Although lightness and durability are the only criteria for evaluation, I found value in the beauty of carbon more than that.
Lighter and stronger materials to replace carbon will be created through the power of chemistry.
The beauty of carbon can only be expressed in carbon. In other words, from the point of view of art and art, its value does not decline even after thousands of years. I want to break away from the shell of industrial product parts and sublimate carbon into the realm of crafts. With that in mind, I designed rei. ”

Photographs by Takumi Ota
Photographs by Takumi Ota

"Advanced Crafts - A Throne Passed Down 1300 Years Later"

Advanced craft

The statue of Ashura was created 1,300 years ago using a craft technique called ``deactivated dry lacquer'', which was the most advanced technology at the time. It is said that the delicate expressions and graceful curves that give rise to its symbolism and artistry were possible only because of dry lacquer.
Rei, which is shaped by impregnating woven fibers with resin and hardening, can be said to be the current “deactivated dry lacquer construction” method.
rei is an art craft created by craftsmen in pursuit of the absolute beauty of curved surfaces that incorporate the curves of the human body and the brilliance of infinite depth.
Rei is also a throne of universal value that will continue to be handed down 1300 years later.



Product designer

Keita Shimizu








Born in Tokyo


Graduated from the Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts


Completed the master's course at the same university's graduate school of fine arts


Based in Milan


Established Creative Norm Co., Ltd. CEO

Photographs by Franco Tadeo Inada


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