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Tras works toward realizing a decarbonized society

New advanced composite materials
Natural fibers

Advanced composite materials are superior materials with properties such as: light-weight, high-strength, have unique fatigue properties in various environments, and are resistant to decay. Tras believes that the conventional automotive industry is not the only place where these excellent materials can be utilized, and we continue to take on the challenge of creating a new future through the development of new products that transcend industry and conventional thinking. Tras is actively using new advanced composite materials - "natural fibers" - in its product development starting since 2020. "Natural fibers" are is a new material that can reduce CO2 emissions by 85% while maintaining the similar rigidity and weight as carbon. Tras is actively working to replace natural fibers in ACM products.

有限会社トラス|天然繊維 亜麻

80% CO2 reduction

Natural fiber is an innovative and eco-friendly material that emits -1.1x CO2 in its non-woven state and -0.5x CO2 in its yarn state compared to carbon. Tras is pioneering the development of prototype products using this natural fiber in Japan.

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