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Slide, store, impress.

Tras Business Card Holder

The perfect gift

To showcase the lightweight and mesmerizing qualities of carbon, Tras has designed a card holder with a sleek, curved shell, incorporating simplicity and practicality. They have also developed a sliding mechanism to enhance the slim design. The interior is lined with eco-suede, adding a touch of luxury.

Applying a special clear coating, Tras paint specialists have overcome the challenges of painting carbon, further accentuating the "depth and sparkle of genuine carbon."

This eye-catching card holder will beautifully adorn your business interactions.


Lightweight and elegantly beautiful. 

The passion behind creating a card holder filled with the allure of genuine carbon. 

For 33 years, Tras has been producing carbon products for the world of motorsports renowned for our superior quality and innovative approach. With an unwavering commitment to "creating better products," we have consistently pursued advanced techniques and knowledge to achieve optimal strength, lightweight design, and stunning aesthetics, earning global recognition and acclaim.

有限会社トラス | Tras Business Card Holder

Throughout our pursuit of excellence, Tras has always valued "flexible thinking and a proactive approach to product development." Having mastered the appeal of carbon composite products, Tras has constantly aspired to bring beautiful carbon items to the general public while catering to corporate needs.

On this significant milestone of their 33rd anniversary, Tras has decided to launch online sales of their products. Starting with the "Tras Business Card Holder," we will offer a range of exquisite carbon products, from everyday usability to custom parts, delivering beauty to everyone's doorstep.


Achieving a perfect balance of elegance and durability requires constant challenges. 

Achieving a perfect balance of elegance and durability requires constant challenges. 

有限会社トラス | 新田正直

Words from Craftsman Masanao Nitta

Words from Craftsman Masanao Nitta

«Achieving a perfect balance of elegance and durability requires constant challenges. We have pushed the boundaries of innovation to the limit, leading to the championship-winning performance in the premier motorcycle racing championship, MotoGP.»

有限会社トラス | 新田正直
 Tras | Team Partners
 Tras | Team Partners

Team Partners

TEAM SUZUKI ECSTAR  2020 MotoGP World Champion Machine


New materials

Embracing sustainability

The Tras Business Card Holder applies the same technology of "carbon fiber" and "flax fiber" to achieve not only visual beauty but also high-quality and sustainable development. This new material, which has yet to be seen in Japan, utilizes natural fiber (flax), providing organic beauty to our composite products. While processing this challenging material, Tras has utilized their knowledge and expertise to create visually stunning and environmentally friendly products.

Incorporating natural fiber into our composite products was a natural choice for us. We believe that it is crucial to create products that not only look beautiful but also have a positive impact on the environment. Our journey began with the concept chair REI, which was featured in Forbes magazine in the United States.


The Perfect Gift

for Professionals

Slide, store, impress.

Adorn your business interactions beautifully.

Tras ビジネスカードホルダー | カーボン

Tras Business Card Holder


Tras ビジネスカードホルダー | ナチュラル

Tras Business Card Holder



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