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The Tras Business Card Holder | Natural is crafted using natural fibres," a new eco-friendly material that can be handled in the same way as carbon. Like carbon products, the beauty of the mesh can be enjoyed, and the beauty of natural materials is also combined in this product.

We have challenged oursleves to create a product with this difficult to handle material. By applying the experience that Tras has accumulated over the past 33 years. You can only get this special product here.


The surface of the product is covered with a special coating inspired by Japanese urushi lacquer. This special coating, which only a Tras craftsmen have mastered, brings out the beauty and charm of the material.


In order to take advantage of the slim shell design, it is designed to slide open. The interior is made of eco-suede, which is thin and soft to the touch.


The presence of the slim shell, which is the result of Tras technology, and the slow luxury feel brought out by the special coating will beautifully adorn your business dealings.

Tras Business Card Holder | Natural

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  • 100% natural fibre composite, eco-suede fabric