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WÜRTH POWER 135 TRD HILUX Team to participate in the Asia Cross Country Rally 2024

Würth continues to support the WÜRTH Power 135 TRD HILUX Team to participate in the Asia Cross Country Rally 2024 as main sponsor.

Venue: Thailand

Schedule: August 11 (Sun.) - 17 (Sat.), 2024

Total driving distance over 7 days: approx. 2,000 km

Team: WÜRTH Power 135 TRD Hilux

Vehicle: TRD Hilux

Driver: Masanao NITTA

Co-driver: Kenta SATONAKA

Team Support: Toyota Customizing & Development (TCD) TRD/TCD Asia

Chief Mechanic: Ryuichi KITAJIMA (TRD) Mechanic: Tadaomi TASHIRO (TRD)

Project Leader: Katsutoshi KASHIMURA (TRD)

Team Manager: Gregory GLANZMANN


The sponsorship of the Würth WÜRTH Power 135 TRD HILUX team allows the team to compete in the AXCR again. As in the last years we are the sole team to have a uniquely designed natural fibre body. The top ten positioning the team received for this engagement rewards the performance last year and led TRD to provide a TRD Hilux with a race winning history. The 29th Asia Cross Country Rally will be held in Thailand between 11 - 17 August 2024.


For this event, Würth sponsors the racing team entitled: WÜRTH POWER 135 TRD HILUX, which is led by Masanao Nitta and his co-driver, Kenta Satonaka. Würth is an optimal partner as its broad range of chemicals allow for an efficient and effective operation of the vehicles, which undergo daily thorough maintenance routines in preparation for each leg of the 7-day rally.

Masanao Nitta is the founder and CEO of the Japanese Advanced Composite Materials Specialist company Tras Ltd. and is an experienced driver. His skill is sought after in the automotive industry and the MotoGP. For the AXCR, Tras developed a unique natural fiber composite body for the Toyota Hilux and placed 9th in the T1D class in 2023 and overall 10th.

Kenta Satonaka is an experienced motorsports enthusiast competing in the JRCA All-Japan Rally Championship in 2021 and 2023. In 2022 he won the AXCR T2G-A Class as a co-driver and competed in the Hilux alongside Mr. Nitta in 2023, achieving a top-ten position. As an electric vehicles engineer with Toyota, he has a strong interest in sustainable technologies and continues to support the mission of WÜRTH POWER 135 TRD HILUX with its natural fibre body as a co-driver.


Bcomp Ltd. supports the WÜRTH POWER 135 TRD HILUX team as a materials sponsor. The team already successfully completed the AXCR rally in the T1D class in 2022 with a Special Award for the use of sustainable natural fibre materials. Even more, our team proved its competitiveness with a top-ten ranking last year. The parts with flax-based ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ by Bcomp Ltd. have a CO2 reduction from cradle to gate up to 85% compared to parts made purely of carbon.

Masanao NITTA: Advanced Composite Constructor, CEO, Tras Ltd.

Overall 10th rank at AXCR 2023, 9th in T1D Auto Class 2023.

“This year a new charcoal colored natural fibre Bcomp body will implement the new charcoal-colored fibers. Based on last year's positive experience we have confidence in the natural fibers and have applied a new charcoal colored version this year. Additionally, Würth's high-performance chemical products are essential for this touch cross-country rally. The AXCR 2024 will again be a long-distance rally with extreme road conditions, so car maintenance and care by the TRD crew will be key. The team will work together to reach this goal with Würth Power 135 TRD Hilux."

Kenta SATONAKA: Electric vehicle engineer (BEV), Toyota Motor Corporation. 8 years as a co-driver, 2023 All Japan Rally Championship Rd. 2, JN5 class, 1st place AXCR 2022 T2G-A class winner.

“I am very pleased to be part of the Würth Power 135 TRD Hilux team. Last year’s team dynamic has proven to be resilient. The cars power has been increased this year, so I am looking forward to bringing this performance to life. The Würth car care products and the support of TRD are essential to keeping our vehicle pristine throughout. Working with the TCD ASIA team as one, we are looking forward to AXCR 2024 in Thailand.

Chief Mechanic: Ryuichi KITAJIMA (TRD)

“This year's vehicle is extremely fast. We've made significant modifications, starting with the suspension, and almost everything has been extensively upgraded. The engine and ECU are at TRD racing spec, maximizing engine power and torque. This special configuration is designed for the rigorous demands of the AXCR. Let’s aim for victory!”

Project Leader: Katsutoshi KASHIMURA (TRD)

“This vehicle is a one-off special made in 2018 that won its class at the Finke Desert Race in Australia. We have overhauled this vehicle 120%, and I am confident that it will demonstrate its enhanced performance and ideally finish higher than last year.”

Download the press release:

20240703 Press Release Würth Power 135 TRD Hilux
Download PDF • 1.04MB


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