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Tokyo Motorcycle Show: Suzuki announced CN Challenge at Suzuka 8hours 2024

At the 51st Tokyo Motorcycle Show, an exciting announcement was made by Suzuki Motor Corp.: Suzuki is gearing up to take on the WEC Endurance Race Suzuka 8 hours this August with a pioneering initiative that is as ambitious as it is comprehensive. The all-round sustainable race team project, known as the Suzuki CN Challenge, represents a leap forward in eco-conscious racing.

Participating machine GSX-R1000R Yoshimura SERT EWC CN Spec.

Central to the Suzuki CN Challenge is the commitment to sustainability, which is evident in every aspect of the team's preparation and strategy. The project harnesses solar power for pit electricity, eliminating the carbon footprint associated with traditional energy sources. The team is also pioneering the use of carbonless tires and special brakes, alongside biofuel and biooil, pushing the boundaries of what's considered possible in sustainable racing technologies.

However, one of the most visually striking and innovative features of the Suzuki CN Challenge bike are the front and rear fenders, made from natural fibers by Tras using unique charcoal colored materials supplied by Bcomp Ltd., a Swiss company known for its advanced sustainable composites, with whom Tras maintains a long-standing collaboration. These fenders are not only a testament to the project's commitment to reducing environmental impact but also showcase the cutting-edge applications of sustainable materials in high-performance settings.

The Bcomp material utilize natural flax fibers to create composites that are both light and strong, capable of withstanding the rigors of endurance racing while significantly reducing the bike's environmental footprint. This choice reflects a broader trend towards sustainability in motorsports, where the quest for speed is now equally matched by the pursuit of green alternatives.

The bike, adorned with unique charcoal grey natural fiber parts that stood out at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, will enter as a works bike and share the double-pit with the highly successful Yoshimura team. This collaboration underscores a shared vision for the future of racing, one where performance and sustainability go hand in hand.

The Suzuki CN Challenge is more than just a race; it's a testament to Suzuki's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the future of motorsport. As the project evolves, it will be fascinating to see how these sustainable technologies perform under the demanding conditions of endurance racing and how they influence the broader industry towards greener practices.

This initiative not only sets a new standard for environmental responsibility in racing but also offers a glimpse into the future of motorcycle design and manufacturing. By showcasing the practical application and performance of sustainable materials and technologies, Suzuki is leading the charge towards a more eco-friendly motorsport world. Fans and industry observers alike are keenly watching the Suzuki CN Challenge, eager to see how this groundbreaking project will influence the future of racing and sustainability.

See here for the official Press Release by Suzuki Motor Corp.:

Sustainable items to be used


Elf, Moto R40 FIM 40% bio-sourced material


Yoshimura Japan, Silencer with catalyst


Bridgestone, Racing tires with an increased ratio of recycled and recyclable materials

Engine Oil

MOTUL, Engine oil made with bio-sourced base oil


JHI, Recycled carbon material (pre-preg material)


Tras, Bcomp (Natural flax fibre composite material)

Front brake

Sunstar Engineering, Non-heat treatment steel discs, Low-dust pads


ELIIY Power, LFP battery for motorcycle, Storage battery for the garage

Team structure

Team name



TBD (three riders)

Project leader/

Team director

Shinichi Sahara

Tras Front Fender

Tras Rear Fender


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