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Tras Participation in Asia Cross-Country Rally 2023

Sponsorship by Würth confirmed again for Team WÜRTH TRD HILUX MSB TRAS 135


The sponsorship of the Würth TRD Hilux MSB Tras 135 team allows us to compete again. As lastyear’s sole team to have a uniquely designed natural fibre body, we received a Special Award the team received for this engagement. With performance and joy of motorsports in mind for the 28th Asia Cross Country Rally which will be held in Thailand and Cambodia between 13 - 19 August 2023.

Our drivers:

Mr. Nitta is the founder and CEO of the Japanese Advanced Composite Materials Specialist company Tras Ltd. and is an experienced driver. His skill is sought after in the automotive industry and in the MotoGP. For the AXCR, Tras developed a unique natural fiber composite body for the Toyota Hilux.

Mr. Satonaka is an experienced motorsports enthusiast competing in the JRCA All-Japan Rally Championship in 2021 and 2023. In 2022 he won the AXCR T2G-A Class as a co-driver. As an electric vehicles engineer with Toyota, he has a strong interest in sustainable technologies and was intrigued to observe the WÜRTH TRD HILUX MSB TRAS 135 with its natural fibre body last year. He will join the team as co-driver.

We thank the sponsors and supporting companies for this years edition: Würth Thailand, Würth Japan, Würth International, Bcomp Ltd., TRD, TCD Asia, YOKOHAMA, AISIN, MOTUL, TJM 4x4, Arai Helmet

Overview Tras Participation AXCR 2023

Rally: Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR) 2023

Location: Kingdom of Thailand and the Lao People's Democratic Republic Schedule: August 13, 2023 - August 19, 2023

Duration: 7 days

Distance: about 2,000km

Team name: WÜRTH TRD Hilux MSB Tras135 Vehicle: TRD Hilux MSB Driver: Masanao NITTA

Co-driver: Kenta SATONAKA

Team Support: Toyota Customizing & Development (TCD) TRD/TCD Asia

Chief Mechanic: Keiji NEGISHI (TRD)

Team Manager: Gregory Glanzmann


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